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  1. Billy
  2. Billy

    OFFERING Best Hytale Servers | hytale server list

    Hey, we recently merged with HytaleHub, you should consider posting this there if you haven't already :)
  3. Billy

    How much would you pay for Hytale?

    I'd pay up to $20 - feel like if it's free there'll be loads of microtransactions
  4. Billy


    Hey everyone, Quixotic and I are sad to announce we will be moving on from Hytale Forum. It has been an absolute pleasure and useful experience growing this community from the very beginning. Of course, we will still be around on both the discord server and new forum. Our discord has gone to...
  5. Billy

    Hytale Server Analytics - Startup Company Idea - Hytale Data

    Just in case you haven't seen already, you might find the latest blog post useful;
  6. Billy

    Levy here! - Facebook Group Founder

    You might find the latest blog post ( interesting :) (in relation to modding)
  7. Billy (Selling)

    I hope for your sake you managed to sell the domain earlier today - with the built in server list looks like it will really affect unofficial ones.
  8. Billy

    REQUESTING Hytale Forum Moderators

    Hey everyone, If you're interested, we're looking for a few forum moderators for our site (this is separate to our discord moderators). Your role will be maintaining a positive and friendly community, whilst encouraging growth and collaboration. Requirements: - You must be 14 years of age or...
  9. Billy

    Hytale Server Analytics - Startup Company Idea - Hytale Data

    How do you plan to implement this, out of interest? With all the uncertainty about how Hytale multiplayer will work, you're taking a risk.
  10. Billy

    How many people have plans for servers?

    That's awesome, are you a developer then? In regards to the site you posted, a lot of them have popped up recently. It's likely not a scam, but I wouldn't buy a sponsored slot early by any means if I were you.
  11. Billy

    OFFERING Web Development

    Hey everyone! If anyone needs a website, I'll make it for you ;) I usually charge $10 a website. More than happy to tweak it until perfect. Contact me on discord @ Billy#6917
  12. Billy

    [🔥] Suggestion for the Forum

    Good idea. We plan to send a few questions to the official hytale developers in the near future ;P
  13. Billy

    Good thanks, you?

    Good thanks, you?
  14. Billy

    hello im new ^^

    Hey, welcome to the forum! I’ll be sure to check out your IG :)
  15. Billy

    Are you ready?

    Can’t wait for it to release! Let’s hope we don’t have to wait long.
  16. Billy

    A texture pack?

    There will almost certainly be texture packs after the game releases, it’ll be interesting to see what the community create :)
  17. Billy

    Hey everyone, Might consider selling this domain in the near future. Let me know if interested ;) Billy
  18. Billy

    Analysis of Hytale Soundtrack

    Thought I'd do a quick analysis of the music in the hytale soundtrack and some more of Oscar Garvin's work, to show you why you should be really excited for the music inside of the game :) Hytale recently released 2 of the soundtracks you will hear in-game: A lot of people thought these were...
  19. Billy

    Should Hytale cost money

    Yeah, for me it's the microtransactions I'm against. I think anything to do with the game directly (like skins and usernames) should be free and open to everyone, like Minecraft.
  20. Billy

    There are 10 types of people in the world... Those who understand binary and those who don't ;)

    There are 10 types of people in the world... Those who understand binary and those who don't ;)