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  1. Andre

    REQUESTING Translators

    Mention this in Hytale-Forum discord <@215302985826304010> it's my user ID
  2. Andre

    REQUESTING Translators

    Yeah, I said that I changed my name
  3. Andre

    REQUESTING Translators

    Nah my Discord doesn't have a Lowercase, but my Discord is in Japanese atm haha - I wouldn't lowercase the start of someone's name anyways.
  4. Andre

    REQUESTING Translators

  5. Andre

    How much would you pay for Hytale?

    I'd pay $60 max, anything higher I wouldn't even bother haha
  6. Andre

    I'm making Hytale memes

    will do when I can (y)
  7. Andre

    REQUESTING Translators

    I'm looking for Translators fluent in English and other languages - this is for an up-coming project I'm working. You can message on my Twitter @Andr3allan or on Discord, my user is Andre#6244
  8. Andre

    I'm making Hytale memes

  9. Andre

    Hey! How's it going?

    Hey! How's it going?
  10. Andre

    How many people have plans for servers?

    Depending on if I get Beta or not, not sure 🤔
  11. Andre

    [🔥] Suggestion for the Forum

    Sounds good! 😁
  12. Andre

    Levy here! - Facebook Group Founder

    Welcome to the forums. :);)
  13. Andre

    Hey Everyone, I'm Munji!

    Welcome! :p
  14. Andre

    Making Spinning icons on Hover [HTML & CSS]

    Both codes will require HTML and CSS - You can view icon's at View a preview here You can change the icon by replacing <i class="fas fa-phone"></i> from - any issues please message me on the hytale-forum Discord - my profile is the same as this 😋 <!DOCTYPE...
  15. Andre

    give me follows :P

    give me follows :P
  16. Andre

    hello im new ^^

    Welcome! :D
  17. Andre

    I'm goooooooooood

    I'm goooooooooood
  18. Andre

    How are you all today?

    How are you all today?
  19. Andre

    [🔥] Suggestion for the Forum

    Forum Suggestion; Maybe add an FAQ section on a few things
  20. Andre

    Help me out

    I would like to get some thoughts on what type of Hytale website I should make - for example, Forum, Server List's, Server Website and etc.